Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey there!  Today on the Purple Fairy Crumpet Challenge is a Dark and/or Twisted mani.  I posted early as I am having a girls night out tonight and intend on being hungover tomorrow.  I chose a very loose interpretation of this by doing water marble on my middle fingers for the twisted part.

Since I am going out tonight (something I rarely do lately) I wanted a sort of dressed up look.  I used Wet and Wild Fast Dry in Silvivor on all my nails and did the tips and marble with China Glaze Liquid Leather and Champagne Bubbles.  All of them work for marbling by the way.  BUT, you have to do them in a certain order-silver, then black, then gold, and repeat.  I tried doing it in a different order and it didn't work.  Such a fussy headache of a technique, eh?

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I don't have a camera, so I use the webcam on my laptop.  Not a great choice, but we work with what we got, right?
Well, I'm off to take a quick nap and get ready for tonight.  Send positive thoughts that a tall, fair and redheaded fella hits on me.  Bonus if he's a fireman.  Have a good weekend!


  1. Gorgeous marbling! I still haven't tried it yet, it looks so complicated! Love the colors and love the dots! Looking forward to more posts! Hahaha and I hope you met a tall, fair, redheaded fella... personally I prefer the blondes but redheads are nice too!

  2. I love the marbling! It's gorgeous, great choice of colors. And here's hoping you get that redhead!

  3. Hey thanks! I didn't even know I had anyone reading these :) Thanks for taking the time and commenting!

  4. That came out so well! I haven't done a successful water-warble yet. The colours work perfectly together

  5. Hi :) Just stumbled upon your blog. Keep up the good work :)
    I am pretty new to blogging but have organised a challenge, to make things interesting!
    Hope you have had a good weekend!

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