Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok.  Enough dicking around.  I created this blog about a month ago and have yet to do anything with it.  My excuses being: I don't get how it works; I don't know how to make it pretty; I don't have a decent camera for swatches; I still don't know what Google Friend Connect is and how it relates to blogs; Apparently GFC is no longer, so do I still need to learn about it?; Who the hell wants to peak inside my head and see what I have to say?; and last but not least, I am far too busy looking at other fabulous blogs to be bothered with my own.

But enough with the excuses.  I was going to start this blog with the fabulous Hunger Games collection from CG (China Glaze) but the above excuses has prevented me from doing so.  I also wanted this blog to be mainly about indie nail companies, but alas I am but a poor girl with a relatively small polish budget, which I go over with too much frequency.  For my first post I will give you a little background on myself (I know that I always wish that more people would reveal more about themselves on their blog)so I will try to do that here.

I am 36 years old and live in Fargo North Dakota by way of Minneapolis MN.  My name is Erica, or Jane, or Erica Jane, or Eej.  You can call me anything you want.  I moved to Fargo because of a boy, with emphasis on the word boy, almost 4 years ago and while we are no longer together, thank god, we are still good friends and I am too lazy to move.  1 1/2 years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I moved her here to Fargo to be near me. To make a long story somewhat shorter, we ended up living together.  I love my momma, but I do not like her living with me. She is now cancer free (yay!) but she won't leave. *sigh*

I have always had a crush on nail polish, and ALWAYS have my toes painted.  I don't think I have had bare toes in 20 years.  But I never really did my finger nails for whatever reason.  A few months ago an online friend of mine who I have known for about 5 years but have never met face to face with as she lives in England started posting pictures of her fabulous nails.  I was recovering from a spinal surgery at the time and thought "hey, what a cool way to pass the time".   Three months later, and 35 bottles of polish and way too much money spent and here I am.  I so wish I lived near my friend who was my inspiration/ corrupter because I think it would be loads of fun to have a polish loving friend nearby.  So I will just have to admire her from afar and drool on her blog, as you should too.  Her name is Helen and her blog is Nail Newbie.  I will post a link as soon as I figure out how.

I think that's enough for now, I probably left out things I wanted to talk about, but I tend to be a little long winded and so I think it's best to quit while I'm ahead.(too late!)  I take part in The Purple Fairy Crumpet challenges part time and will post some of those in the near future.  If you have read this far, wow thanks! and I will try to keep future posts a little shorter and to the point.  Please note the word 'try'.  
Thanks and may your life always be filled with little glass bottles of color.  


  1. Second!!!!!1!!!one!!!eleven

    I love that I'm your corrupter, we all need one! Can't wait for some more posts x

  2. Hiya! Welcome to blogging... It's fun and frustrating, lol!

    GFC is still usable, by people with Blogger blogs - I keep mine up, just because I know that's how some people read my blog, although there are other ways to 'follow' a blog, including RSS and email.

    Can't wait to see more from you - web cam photos are better than nothing!

  3. Don't feel bad: I've had my blog since the end of December, and I have a whopping 18 posts and three followers. Three of them are lacking pictures, and those are supposed to be posts from the 52 week nail manicure challenge I'm in! LoL

    I also added you, mostly because any blog that prefaces itself with "I use adult language, so if you don't like it, go elsewhere" is awesome.

  4. I like your tag line-I try to be sarcastic and humorous with my blog as well and [probably have offended one or two-you need to add the GFC widget so people can follow your blog-leave a comment on mine when you do this and I'll come back and follow you. you are allowed to kick your mom out you know?!