Saturday, September 22, 2012

I stole your crayons!

Hiya! So, recently I have been having a major creativity block. I couldn't think of anything to do with my nails and when I thought of something I was just blah about it. Now, you all know that my momma lives with me right? Yeah, so she can be pretty awesome sometimes and during one of her manic episodes she wrote out a list of ideas and one of them was crayons. I love crayons and coloring.  I still color sometimes as a way to de-stress and clear my head. And who doesn't love crayons? They're colorful, they smell good, they bring you back to your childhood and OH the endless creative possibilities crayons have! So yeah, crayons are good.

I used a mix of polish and acrylic paint for this.  The base yellow is Nina Pro- Like Butta topped with Julep Daisy because Like Butta was a tad too mustard-y looking. The dark green for the crayon box details is Finger Paints-Tough Art to Follow. The rest is acrylics, because I thought polish would be too thick for the little crayons but, now I think if you thinned it out a little it would work and using polish would have better color crayon possibilities :)

I also didn't want to make the mani "too perfect" I wanted it to look cute and whimsical and sort of sketched in, which is a good thing because I can't do "perfect" so this is a fun one to do if you feel like you can't do nail art.

So that's about it.  My mom did a cool thing and I'm feeling more inspired. Good stuff Maynard!
'till next time!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a thought, and quick review of sorts.

Hey guys! Today I read a post from the fabulous Man Polish which you can find here

I found this very enlightening! I have a Julep account and while I find their polishes to be mediocre at best, I am in love with their other products. The Best Pedi Creme Ever, really is. Their Reveal Nail Growth Serum is outstanding, but their polishes really kind of suck and their half gone after one mani. I've only gotten 3 shipments and one of them was because I didn't "skip a month" in time. Luckily that was a good thing because that one contained a truly unique color. I can't find it right now, but it was a seemingly standard black in the bottle, wtf? I can't believe I just paid premium price for a standard black when I love my .99 WnW black cream so much. But hold the phone! I swatched it out on a nail wheel and ooooh! What an unusual color! It's not black, it's not dark charcoal gray it's the color of a black cotton sweater that has been washed a few times. It's a faded black. It's truly unique (to my collection anyway) and dare I say, worth the money. But, except for this fluke, I have found the rest of their colors sheer and needing 3+ coats and therefore using up half the bottle. I will be cancelling my subscription after reading this post from Man Polish because it is right on. Simple math. I would rather have some A Englands or Zoyas any day. But I will still fork over the cash for their beauty products. Have you seen the ingredients on the foot creme and prep? I'll say it again, outstanding! So in a nutshell, in my humble opinion, Julep polishes = $$$ and meh quality. Their beauty products= $$$ WOW! But I'm still going to cancel, or try to remember to skip all months except when they include products. This is just my opinion and reaction to Man Polishes post. Nothing more. No one asked me for this opinion. The opinion is free and you get what you pay for ;)

I will post pics of the black polish as soon as I can find it...
I found it! This is Julep Brandt. The photos are a little Q&D but you get the idea of the color which is pretty dead on in the pics. One more for good measure?
So there ya go, I hope no one was terribly offended my post today, everything I said was just my opinion and I wrote it on my blog. You may take it or leave it. That's just one of the good things about being an adult, you don't have to live by others opinions and ways of living. If you can think of any more reasons it's good to be an adult, please, let me know.  I can't think of any others!
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