Monday, February 25, 2013

31 Day Challenge- Skittle!

Oh hai there ;) Day 7 of the 31DC is Ombre or Skittle. I chose to do a skittle. What is a skittle you ask? Good question! A skittle is when each nail is different. Whether it be all different colors or different patterns, etc. I chose to do different designs on each nail.
I didn't originally set out to do a checker board pattern on the thumb.  I initially just did the 3 down the center, and then decided to do the whole thing. So it's a little wonky!
I started with a base color of Color Club's Disco Dress on the thumb, middle, and pinkie nails and Studio M's Grape Escape on the index and ring.  They are the most perfect vibrant true purples I've seen.  And I looked high and low on the interwebs and asked around in polish groups to find just the right purple(s). These are it baby! They are very similar to each other except Studio M is a little more red based and *slightly* deeper in color than the Color Club which is more vibrant.
This is the most accurate picture of the colors, but it still isn't showing how truly purple the colors are.  I took pics of just the purples before the nail art and it turned out straight up blue. *sigh* I know it's hard to photograph purples correctly, but c'mon! I didn't bother keeping the pictures as they looked nothing like the true color. Anyway, this is my skittle.  There are many like them, but this one is mine. LOL, a little Full Metal Jacket reference there.
Other colors used are all Sinful Colors:
Sweet Nothing, Innocent, Lavender, Candy Coated and Sweet Tooth.

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