Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm moving! But, all my friends live here!

Don't worry, you can come with me :)  As you can see, I rarely post.  I have good intentions, but, they never come to fruition. So I was thinking about it, why don't I post here? What's holding me back?  I decided that it's kinda lonely. I like the back and forth that a conversation has.  I don't just want to share my polish and nail art, I want to talk about it with people. So in comes Facebook.  Everyone has a Facebook account (well most everyone) and I'm on there way too much as it is, so the answer was clear.  I shall "blog" on Facebook!  Please come and follow me at  I still may come by here now and then when I want to do a long post, and if I do I will let ya know on my FB page.  I look forward to many more posts and actually being able to talk to you guys. Hope to see you there and tell your friends ;)


  1. I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Here's the link to my blog post about it, check it out for details!

    1. I didn't see this until just now, I don't know how I missed it. Thank you so much, I'm going to check it out now! :D